Dec 15

UFC 107


dEC 14

TV: SNL Taylor something!-shirt off guy from twilight! Dexter E12, Simpsons E8, Family guy E9

Dec 11

TV: The office, 30 Rock, Modern Family, and Community!

Dec 7

UFC-103 franklin vs belfort

Dexter E11


Warren Miller’s “Children of Winter”

Dec 04

TV: The office, 30 rock, and community.

Dec 3

Movie:  Inglorious Basterds

sooooo good.  i think this is a dvd screener.  when you extract it it will be in .vob form (which is just a copy from a dvd) so just click on the file Video.ts  and it’ll link all those diff video files into one video.  it may need a par file too.

video 9 audio 9

Dec 2

sorry there was a new dexter sunday! E10

Nov 29

well because of thanksgiving not much happened this week, but there was a new modern family E9

Nov 23

TV:  Simpsons E6 Fam guy E7 Dexter E9 Curb your enthusiasm E10 Saturday night live E6


Movies: Pandorum, Saw 6

pandorum is very good quality, i think dvd quality, saw is a video 8 audio 6-both very watchable!

Nov 20

TV: 30 rock E6, community E10, and the office E10

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