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  1. Gibb Fitzner Said:

    I usually check TL daily for any new stuff I want, so I’ll put your site in my bookmarks to see if you’ve posted anything different.
    Hey do you know where I can find 30 rock season 1 or 2? I’m gonna start watching it.

    • bradfazner Said:

      i got it from it’s easy for you to find, but it does take a while. and HOW did you figure out my pass??? crazy.

      btw, ONLY post stuff that is working, and make sure that you put in the file name what quality or whatever unless it’s just a regular tv HD

  2. Gibb Fitzner Said:

    Oh and can I have the username and password to your files widget, that way I can put stuff up there for everyone too?

  3. Gibb Fitzner Said:

    Nevermind, I figured out your pass.

  4. Jolayne Said:

    Hey Brett, I dont have Dexter episodes 2 and 3, do you have that or where should I get it?? Iso?

  5. Jolayne Said:

    ps, so glad you got me into modern family…so funny

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