Oct 30

30 rock ep 3 the office ep7 community ep 7 and Modern family ep 6.  Great quality for all

a good version of Moon!!!!great movie, i recommend it

any halloween requests?  there are a lot of scary movies posted during this time that are good quality

as requested, posted all the SAW movies until the newest one (haven’t found a good saw 6 yet worth downloading yet)



  1. Jolayne Said:

    I totally want a scary movie to watch. What are those movies called, the ones where they have to get a key out of the dead guys stomache. You know. I would love to get the first couple of those. Looking forward to all of those shows as well. Thanks brett

  2. Jolayne Said:

    So I figured out the name of the movies. It is Saw. I want to get caught up to the one that just came out. Do you have any of them?

    • bradfazner Said:

      wow jolayne! you nuts. well yeah i have seen them all…but yeah they be gross! you goin to the fantasy land thing tonight?

      ill look for the saw movies

      • bradfazner Said:

        ok it’s up there, let me know if it didnt work, i’m doing this from school.

  3. Jolayne Said:

    Thanks brett, ya, we are going to the fantasyland thingy tonight. see you there?

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